To our English-speaking readers

We regret that we currently do not have the resources to produce a complete English-language version of this web site. We provide some general information about our Association below and encourage you to contact us at or (450) 923-3733 for more information about our orchestras, programs and concerts.


Founded in 1974 under the name "Association des cordes de la Rive-Sud / South Shore String Association", the Association des orchestres de jeunes de la Montérégie (AOJM) is a not-for-profit corporation and a charitable organization, administered by volunteer parents.

Since its creation, AOJM has made it possible for a large number of young musicians from the Montérégie region to learn orchestral music. Year after year, more than 125 youth participate in one of AOJM's three levels of orchestras. L'Ensemble Prélude has 25 young beginning musicians who are being exposed to orchestra playing for the first time. With approximately 40 string musicians aged from 8 to 15, l'Orchestre à cordes junior de la Montérégie gives at least two performances each year, which consistently impress the audience by their quality. L'Orchestre symphonique des jeunes de la Montérégie (full symphony) for its part has 65 musicians aged from 14 to 25 and it is the only youth symphony orchestra on the South Shore of Montréal. It presents several concerts in the Montérégie region and in Montreal each season and regularly tours in foreign countries (France, 2000 - USA, 2004 - Austria and Czeck Republic, 2008 - Italy, 2011).

AOJM works with various musical organizations in the region. The symphony accompanied the winners of the "Montérégie en musique" contest for a number of years. It has also joined with choirs such as the Choeur de la Montagne in St-Hilaire and the Pratt & Whitney Canada choir. The symphony is regularly invited to perform with the Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil (OSDL, formerly the Orchestre symphonique de la Montérégie), a professional symphonic orchestra, in joint concerts, and was featured in one of the OSDL's regular season concerts in 2003-2004 and again in 2008-2009. The symphony has also participated in a number of important events, such as the Métrostar Gala, the St-Jean-Baptiste Celebrations, the Millennium Celebrations in Montréal.

The symphony has held concerts with opera singers Natalie Choquette (on three occasions) and Gino Quilico.

AOJM is a member of Orchestras Canada as well as the Association des orchestres de jeunes du Québec (AOJQ) and participates in its bi-annual festival.

Our Mission Statement

AOJM's mission is to promote the musical education and orchestral training of young musicians.

AOJM offers a privileged stage to promote the talent and accomplishments of its young musicians.

Through its many concerts, AOJM acts as an ambassador for classical music, which it takes to a broad audience in the Montérégie region and the Greater Montreal area.

Benefits for the Youth

AOJM provides a very favourable setting for the development of our youth. They gather to share a common passion for classical music and perfect their skills. Through a rich variety of musical experiences, the Association is also a place to learn to live in society. Naturally, the young musicians develop a personal commitment to the group, adhere to a strict code of ethics and, most importantly, develop a very healthy sense of belonging.

The orchestral experience is in itself an academic subject, complementary to the mastery of an instrument. In the various levels of orchestras of the Association, the young musicians have the opportunity to associate with and be guided by professionals of the musical world. Whether through weekly rehearsals, development camps, concerts or musical tours, the continued contact with these professionals ensures an exceptional development of the musical potential of these youth. For many of them, the experience gained at AOJM will serve as a stepping-stone towards a professional career.

The Association also makes our youth aware of humanitarian causes. The musicians of AOJM have performed in fund raising activities in support of social causes such as the Maison Gadbois and the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Community benefits and relationships

AOJM maintains a steady presence in the community. It brings classical music to a wide audience, close to home, at an affordable price. It enhances the community's pride in its youth and highlights the strength and dedication of the young musicians. It affords every town an opportunity to be proud of the accomplishments of the young people who represent it within the Montérégie region and elsewhere.

The Association has established strong relationships throughout the years with the various levels of government. Several towns in the region have expressed their support through their contribution to fund-raising campaigns or the loan of premises for our activities.

AOJM also receives grants and contributions from the provincial government, as well as donations and sponsorships from large corporations and other prominent enterprises, as well as individuals.